Five New SEO Trends That’ll Dominate Business Strategies In 2023

The SEO world saw tons of changes in 2022, including third-party cookie depreciation and AI technological advances. NINE Google updates were implemented last year, and they impacted content prioritization, product review rankings, spam deterrences, and comprehensive changes to the search engine’s core algorithm.

Now that it’s 2023, it’s crucial for marketing teams and businesses of all types to be well-attuned with the expected trends that’ll influence organic search rankings throughout the foreseeable future.

Here are five new SEO trends from the experts at Brooks Internet Marketing that’ll dominate business strategies in 2023:

Different Formats For Content Creation & Multisearch

The digital marketing world is now embracing all sorts of content creation formats, including text, audio, video, and of course all three simultaneously. Google algorithms have now advanced to better portray the ways in which online users actually like to experience digital content, which means the algorithm is looking for videos, pictures, infographics, and other interactive elements that coincide with traditional text.

Multisearch is also going to be a hot SEO topic in the ensuing months ahead, and it’s poised to change everything in terms of how people use Google on a daily basis. What multisearch essentially entails is a user literally taking a picture and then adding a search query to go with it (which will then create search results based on the picture and text).

So people everywhere will now be using their phone cameras to create local search results via Google’s new image analysis technology, and businesses of all types should get ready for this change in online behavior ASAP!

The Imminent Decline Of AI Content Writing Due To The ‘Helpful Content Update’

It’s been clearly apparent how much AI has grown in recent years, particularly when it comes to AI content creation. These tools are known for creating content with just a few keyword prompts, and Google reacted strongly with last August’s ‘Helpful Content Update’.

Although this update hasn’t significantly impacted search results yet, it’s a clear indication in terms of Google’s direction to ward off AI content writing. This update can now better detect content that was written by AI and essentially for search engines.

Google has made it clear that they will reward content that’s written for humans and by humans, as opposed to content written for search engines and by AI. This means businesses must be extremely cautious using AI content creation in 2023, because it could end up causing more harm than good!

Updated Core Web Vitals Are Aiming Towards An Improved Online User Experience

Google has been rolling out what they refer to as Core Web Vitals over the past couple of years, and these indicators are supposed to help Google better understand how online users are interacting with specific websites/brands.

Now in 2023, there will be updated metrics oriented towards improving the online user experience. Some of these new Core Web Vitals include the following:

— First Contentful Paint (FCP)

— Time to First Byte (TTFB)

— Time to Interactive (TTI)

— Total Blocking Time (TBT)

So these metrics will largely be oriented around user experience issues like interactivity, load speed, and an online page’s visual stability. This subsequently means that multifaceted teams of expert SEO specialists and web developers will need to collaborate together to meet the benchmarks of these new Core Web Vitals. It also means that businesses must invest heavily in their site’s user experience in a whole variety of new ways!

Long-Tail Keyword Prioritization

The concept of “zero-click SERPs” has been wildly contentious in recent years, partly because many SEO gurus are skeptical that Google is stealing these searches for their own incentives.

The truth is that it’s a lot more complicated than this basic assumption, but Google products were a significant factor in terms of searches that didn’t actually make it to a third-party website.

In 2023, Google is going to help online users with topic suggestions based upon queries, and the goal for this strategy is to get more traffic beyond page one. So as Google makes their algorithm more sophisticated, it’ll mean that SEO teams will have to get more creative with their keyword targeting. This means businesses must prioritize long-tail keywords, along with conversational queries.

Quality Over Quantity For Content Strategies

Search engines are now getting smarter when it comes to keyword search intent, and this is essentially changing the content marketing game (once again).

So businesses everywhere will be expected to create content that matches search intent, which means content in 2023 should be aimed towards the following:

— Better serving target audiences

— Reducing potential bounce rates

— Appearing in featured snippets

— Increasing webpage engagement

Although plenty of businesses will still need to publish a lot of new content for their long-tail keyword strategies, SEO success in 2023 will be about the sum of many parts. So for a lot of businesses, investing in high-quality content and cleaning up their content of lesser quality will be needed throughout this year.

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