Cooling Dog Vests For High Temperatures & Climate Change Launched

These vests allow pet owners to safely walk their pets any time of year, be it in the heat of summer or the frigid winter weather. The vests utilize a new technology that absorbs and redistributes heat dynamically, meaning that the vest can disperse heat in either direction depending on the situation. These garments have been used by the dog sporting and the show dog world since 2007. Now available to the pet world.

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These new vests have been launched to help pet owners, especially those living in southern states, contend with the more extreme temperature swings that have been taking place in recent years. In Texas, temperatures have risen nearly 10 degrees on average in the past decade, exceeding 111F in some areas of the state.

These more extreme temperatures can be dangerous for humans, but potentially even more so for dogs and other animals given that they lack the thermoregulation systems – such as sweat glands – that humans rely on to stay relatively cool. These new vests from Zentek can fill that role by absorbing excess heat from the dog’s body and pulling it away from the skin.

These patented coats wrap the dog’s entire body, covering not only the back but the chest as well for maximum coverage and effective area. The internal lining of the vest is also designed to be as comfortable and flexible as possible in order to prevent restriction of movement while wearing it.

The fabric used in these coat uses Comfortemp technology, which uses a combination of PCM capsules and mesh layering to provide maximum thermoregulation capabilities. This technology was developed by NASA using advanced material science methods, and allows the vest to adapt to the surrounding temperature in a way that no other fabric can.

Using this coat, pet owners can ensure that their companions are able to play and exercise year-round without risking the animal’s health and wellbeing.

For the most extreme temperatures, the Canine Wraps can also be fitted with additional cooling packs to be installed in the underbelly of the garment. These cold packs can be frozen in the refrigerator at 58 F. This delivers long-lasting temperature regulation in the summer heat by utilizing the same PCM technology that powers the vest itself.

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