Attracting science fiction fans all over the world, the World Science Fiction Conference (Worldcon) officially started its “Chengdu Time”

At 3:00 p.m CDT on September 5th, at the 80th World Science Fiction Conference(Worldcon, Chicon 8), Chengdu Science Fiction Association took over the flag of the Worldcon from the Chicon 8 Organizing Committee, which marked the official start of the World Science Fiction Conference “Chengdu Time”.

2022 Hugo Award Ceremony presented 19 awards.

Chicon 8 opens “Science Fiction Feast” for science fiction fans.

The Worldcon is sponsored by The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). It is the most popular, oldest, largest and most influential sci-fi cultural theme activity in the world today. Its Hugo Award is known as the Nobel Prize in Science Fiction area.

Chicon 8 continued its huge scale, with a total of 1,405 registered activities, including academic seminars, fan exchanges and other forms, involving animation, film and television, Cosplay, handcraft, writing and publishing, and other subjects. The fields covered are art, history, music, games, literature, science and technology, society and so on. About 4,000 sci-fi fans from 51 countries and regions around the world enjoyed a wonderful “sci-fi ceremony” in Chicago. The “2022 Hugo Award Winners List”, which has attracted the attention of sci-fi fans, was also officially announced at 8: 00 pm local time on September 4th. A total of 19 awards were issued, among them, Arkady Martine won the “Best Novel” with A Desolation Called Peace, Becky Chambers won “Best Novella” for A Psalm for the Wild-Built, Suzanne Palmer won the Best Novelette for Bots of the Lost Ark and Sarah Pinsker won the Best Short Story for Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather.

Chengdu Science Fiction Association delegation visited Chicago

Oriental culture, ancient Sichuan civilization and Chengdu science fiction elements have become the focus of science fiction fans.

As the host city of the 81st Worldcon, Chengdu actively participated in this conference. The delegation of Chengdu Science Fiction Association launched a five-day Chengdu promotion at Chicon 8. Among them, the “Chengdu World Science Fiction Conference Booth 2023”, “Chengdu Party” and “Chengdu Silk Punk Panel” and other activities, with a long history of oriental culture, fantastic ancient Sichuan civilization and mysterious Chengdu science fiction elements, greatly attracted science fiction fans and science fiction masters present.

Lily, an 8-year-old sci-fi fan, is a big fan of pandas. When she saw the panda doll at the Chengdu booth, she was very excited. She said that she wanted to visit pandas in China, the hometown of pandas.

Neil Clarke, the best editor winner of this Hugo Award, once participated in the 2017 China (Chengdu) International Science Fiction Conference. At that time, he was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of Chengdu science fiction fans. For the Chengdu Worldcon in 2023, Clark Clarke expressed his great expectation, hoping to meet old friends at the conference, and even hopes to have the opportunity to visit Jinsha Site. He believes that the ancient Sichuan civilization can bring him new inspiration.

Edie Stern, Honorary Guest of Chicon 8, is one of the most famous science fiction collectors in the world. At the presentation site in Chengdu, he said that he would open his collection to Chengdu Worldcon and help the success of the conference.

“Continuation of tradition+innovative measures”

2023 Chengdu Worldcon will bring the next surprise to science fiction fans.

“It is not only a possibility, but also the future vision of Chengdu Worldcon Organizing Committee, to use science fiction as a medium to break boundaries, integrate cultures and promote understanding between Chinese and western communities.” The delegation of Chengdu Worldcon said that the theme of next year’s Worldcon will be Symbiotic Era. Hopefully, in this global sci-fi arena, sci-fi culture can cross-border exchange and grow together. “In addition, Chengdu Worldcon will continue to follow the tradition of the World Science Fiction Society, to hold Hugo Awards, business meetings and other activities, and to vote on the site selection of the 2025 Worldcon.”

In addition, Chengdu Worldcon in 2023 will have more innovative measures, such as super-large lakeside party, online science fiction conference of Metaverse, online reappearance of science fiction scenes, etc. At the same time, the conference will display mysterious oriental elements, including silk punk combined with science fiction, such as sizhu and Shu embroidery. The conference also plans to invite the giant panda who “retired” from the United States and returned to Chengdu for retirement as the special “co-chair” of the conference to punch in Chengdu’s food, ancient Sichuan civilization, tourist attractions and sci-fi scenes with sci-fi fans. The Chengdu delegation expressed the hope that sci-fi fans and sci-fi organizations all over the world can make suggestions. The Organizing Committee of Chengdu Worldcon will review everyone’s suggestions and strive to build a Worldcon with Chinese characteristics, which combines ancient Sichuan civilization with science fiction elements.

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