Direct-Write Lithography For Microstructuring: Precise Designs Device Updated

Called DaLI, the upgraded device employs selective exposure of photoresists using a guided laser beam, obviating the need for photomasks. The technology allows designs to be quickly implemented, facilitating the prototyping process. Furthermore, the machine comes in convenient tabletop size.

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The updated machine utilizes acousto-optic deflectors and thermal stabilization to create nanometer-precision designs. It is controlled via user-friendly software that requires no extensive training. DaLI has been used in applications such as microelectronics, biophysics, microfluidics, quantum optics, and material science.

Standard lithography uses UV light and a mask to cast an image on a photosensitive emulsion or photoresist. This is a highly sensitive procedure that can slow down production.

miDALIX has developed a more efficient, maskless process that has so far been utilized by prominent clients and academic organizations like the University of Cambridge, Taiwan University of Technology, and Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat Munchen.

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DaLI covers all steps of lithography, from design to illumination. It can also support direct conversion of CAD drawings, saving users time.

Users can change patterns design from one run to the next without incurring the cost of a new photomask. Various electrodes and designs can be transferred to a single micro-crystal, monolayer, and other demanding surfaces.

Those who wish to know more about the technical specifications of the machine can download a whitepaper available on miDALIX’s website.

About miDALIX

miDALIX specializes in innovative micro-structuring equipment that fast-tracks the research and development process. It was founded in 2017 by Anze Jeric, who holds a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering. To develop DaLI, the company has partnered with leading international companies such as Aresis, Nanocenter, LPKF Laser & Electronics, and Rettro.

Jeric says: “Mankind has always strived to improve tools to make processes faster and more efficient. From simple tools evolved various devices, and from them complex intelligent systems. Our goal is to equip scientists with systems that allow them to do high-level science, not just mere experiments.”

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