Who is the Typical Keto Diet Consumer? Hint, She’s Not Who People Think, According to Analytics from Keto Cycle

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A new profile analysis reveals the type of person who is on the Keto Diet

New York City, New York Feb 2, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The ketogenic diet app, Keto Cycle, has released a new data analysis that takes a closer look at the person on the Keto Diet, and contrary to stereotypes, she’s not a young person trying to lose weight quickly.

Their overall conclusion found the typical Keto user is over the age of 40, clinically obese, battling a disease such as diabetes, with high blood pressure. The Keto analytics also show the consumer tried everything to lose weight, turning to Keto as a last resort for their health.

In another surprising twist, consumers over the age of 70 were among the fastest growing demographic to try Keto. Keto Cycle always recommends anyone in this age group speak with their family doctor before trying this diet.

The data analysis involved over 1 million consumers who shared information with Keto Cycle. Their researchers analyzed gender, age, body mass index and current health conditions of users from August 2021 to January 2022.

The Head of Medical Affairs for Kilo Health, Dr. Kasparas Aleknaviius, says the research provides new insight on who succeeds with Keto and what motivates them to stick with the strict diet.

“Many people think Keto is a trendy diet, but it’s not a trend or quick weight loss approach,” said Aleknaviius. “The Keto Diet takes 30 days to retrain the way our body metabolizes food for energy. It requires discipline to cut out carbohydrates, but once you hit 3-4 weeks, the body burns off fat for energy. That’s when the weight sheds off and you see results.”

40-year-old Alice Bailey says she went on the Keto diet after nothing else worked, and admits she was skeptical at first.

“I lost 84 pounds and people don’t believe it. They said there’s no way you lost all that weight without working out. I did,” said Bailey who documented her Keto experience on Youtube. “I was just sick of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I can walk up the stairs now without losing my breath. And I have a 4 year old so I need energy to keep up with him.”

Bailey used Keto Cycle to follow the personalized program for her weight loss goals.

Who is the Typical Keto Consumer

Keto Cycle initially looked at their user base to identify conversion and cancellation rates, and revenue generation, but their researchers quickly realized the successful Keto consumer was turning to the diet out of necessity, and as a result, they stuck with the program and lost weight.

Other Keto Cycle findings:

  • The largest number of Keto users are clinically obsese based on their BMI.
  • Keto users with a health condition are most likely to invest in this diet and succeed. Roughly 56 percent of Keto users had a health condition or disease.
  • Consumers most likely to quit the Keto diet before reaching their goals had the lowest BMI, while those with the highest BMI were most likely to stick with the Keto plan. Users who stuck with Keto also wanted to lose the most amount of weight – more than 30 pounds.
  • Younger people are the least likely age group to try Keto. Less than 2.5 percent of users are under the age of 20, and only 3 percent of users are between the ages 21-30.
  • Roughly 8 percent of Keto users have high blood pressure.
  • Consumers between the ages of 41-60 spent the most money on Keto diets.

Aleknaviius says this analysis provides context for people who want to start the diet in the new year.

“Our research found those who stick with the Keto diet and succeed had the most to lose by quitting. They needed to get healthy for the sake of their life,” said Aleknaviius. “And those who had the most to gain, didn’t give up. This is valuable information for anyone trying the Keto diet for the first time. The bigger your health risks, the more likely you are to succeed.”

Bailey also has some advice for those who are trying Keto Cycle for the first time.

“Don’t lose hope, it will work,” said Bailey. “Just remember everybody is different. Some people might take longer than others, but if you stick with it and make it through the difficult first 3 weeks, you will see the weight peel off.”

About Keto Cycle – Ketogenic Diet App

Keto Cycle is a ketogenic diet app which provides personalized keto programs for users to best target weight loss goals. Ketogenic diets are extremely effective ways to lose weight, improve health and increase energy levels. The mobile app helps users with easy progress tracking, personalized meal planning, effective workouts, and support from nutritionists. The Keto Cycle app is available to download on iOS and Android.

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